Cult Quiz 2

Quiz number 2 (don't you just hate sequels). This time the answers are available via the button of the page.

So have a go (and try not to cheat for five minutes)...


1: Who played the role of Tullulah, in the film "Bugsy Malone"?

2: How many times did Sean Connery play James Bond, and name them?

3: What was the registration of the U-Boat in the war epic "DAS BOOT"?

4: Name the 2 actors that link The Blues Brothers & Star Wars (the Trilogy)?

5: Which film started with the line "Klytus I'm bored, what little plaything do you have for me today?", who played Klytus and for which TV role is he more famous?

6: Which actor played Brain in Escape from New York, and what character did he play in Alien?

7: Gerry Anderson produced a feature film in 1969 what was it called (both original and current titles please)?

8: Who provided the voice for Gizmo in Gremlins?

9: If you were making mountains out of mash potato in which film would you be in?

10: Which Sandman is the head of British intelligence?


1: What was the name of the village (and in which country), that was the setting for "The Prisoner"?

2: Which James Bond film regular provided a voice, on the cult Gerry Anderson show "Stingray"?

3: Who played Simon Templar in the Return of the Saint, and can you name the cult horror film that he starred in with Vincent Price?

4: What was the name of the pilot of Fireball XL-5?

5: What did the initials TISWAS stand for, and what was the adult spin off called?

6: Doctor Who has only spawned one official BBC spin off, what was it called?

7: Which was the first UK television series to be filmed in colour and in which year?

8: What were the first names of the Tracey brothers in Thunderbirds, and what were they named after?

9: In the A team B.A. used to "pity the fool", who was the fool, who played him, and which Star Trek character did he play?

10: Name the husband and wife team who helmed Moonbase Alpha, and what were their character names?

Yes we know that this months quiz is very much a Gerry Anderson production, so if you want to cheat and look at the answers.

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