Cult Quiz 1

What do you know?

Try the quiz then. Sorry to say that there is no prize so don't email us. What you will get though is a smug feeling of self satisfaction that could last all day.

So have a go, and when you're bored the answers are available from the button at the foot of the page.


1: Luc Besson is the director of the Fifth Element, but which actor has appeared in six of his films (and try naming them)?

2: What is the name of the village in the film "Village of the Damned" and who wrote the novel it was based upon?

3: In which film did Arnold Schwarzenegger play the construction worker Douglas Quaid?

4: Which author famous for his Mafia novels, wrote the screenplay for Superman 2?

5: The film Total Recall was based on a story called "We can remember it for you wholesale" published in 1966, who wrote it?

6: The X-Men were created by Stan Lee & Jack Kirby, what year was the first X-Men comic released?

7: Which Planet of the Apes movie did not star Roddy Mcdowell?

8: In the film Army of Darkness what was the incantation Ash has to say before he can pick up the book of the dead?

9: What was the command used to deactivate Gort in The Day the Earth Stood Still?

10: What is the connection between the answers to the previous two questions, and Star Wars?


1: In which series would you find a Jessie riding a motorbike?

2: Which person links The New Professionals, Andromeda, and Tek War?

3: Why can't the crew of the Red Dwarf go to blue alert?

4: Which series caused controversy which a on screen inter-racial kiss?

5: Which two Blakes 7 characters joined the crew in the third season (and who did they replace)?

6: Farscape Producer Rockne S O'Bannon had previously produced which cult series?

7: In Thunderbirds what was the registration plate on Lady Penelope's Rolls Royce?

8: What was Mr Garibaldi's full name in Baylon 5?

9: Who plays Joxer in Xena Warrior Princes and which famous director is he related to and how?

10: Which Man from U.N.C.L.E. played the Invisible Man?

So you want to cheat and look at the answers. Oh OK.

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