Film Character Quiz

So how well do you know your films? Do you think you would recognize the names of characters from a movie? To help you answer that is this little brain teaser.

Listed below are a series of character names from movies. What you have to do is to name the actor or actress that portrayed them and in which film. Only the character name is provided so no clues for this quiz except that most of these films can be found in our review archive. In the case of a series of film's you only need to answer the first film they appeared in. So don't get too cocky :)

1: John Connor?

2: Snake Plissken?

3: Ben "Obi-Wan" Kenobi?

4: Ellen Ripley?

5: Richard B. Riddick?

6: Daryl Van Horne?

7: Connor Macleod?

8: Charlie Croker?

9: Max Rockatansky?

10: Doctor Malcom Crowe?

11: Lara Croft?

12: Pinhead?

13: Michael Corleone?

14: Ashley "Ash" Williams?

15: Rocky Balboa?

16: Catherine Tramell?

17: Marty McFly?

18: Fred Kreuger?

19: John Matrix?

20: Hannibal Lecter?

So how do you think you did? Hit the "answer" button to find out.

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