Catchphrase Quiz

Right here's how to play. We'll give you a famous catphrase from either film of television and you have tell us who said it or where its from. It's as easy as that.

Ok so let the games begin.

Phrase: From Who \ Where:
F.A.B. .
Na Noo Na Noo. .
I Love it when a plan comes together. .
Boogie Boogie. .
Ah Ha me hearties. .
S.I.G. .
I have a bad feeling about this. .
Lets be careful out there. .
Cripes DM! .
I'll be back. .
Book em Danno. .
Would you like a Jellybaby? .
We will mend it, we will fix it. .
Loverly Jubberly. .
Go on punk make my day. .
Smeghead! .
By the power of Greyskull. .
Life don't talk to me about life. .
Who loves ya baby? .
Boing! Time for bed. .

Okey Dokey time for the answers and to see how you did.

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