Actor Quiz

A Picture Quiz this time (multimedia rocks). The answers as always are available via the button of the page.

So have a go (and remember if you stare at the screen for five hours you will see
nothing but this page)...

Who is it?

Guess the identities of the disguised stars:

Ed Nigma not You tell me Yaasup
This cigar smoking, movie madman blew up a bus. This Bedrock babe can whip up a storm. Almost Indiana Jones, he went from p.i to runaway.
Wibble Wot answer I'm not telling
This red headed beauty went from Arrakis to an Urban Legend. Was a Wyld Stallyn, now the ultimate computer nerd. Unable to find true romance, she became very religious.
Why you beep ?=?
From boy scout to burglar, he is a tough guy to kill. A crafty chick, but she really is a pussy cat. If you go to his for dinner, bring a starling for desert.

Extreme Close Up

Name the vehicle from a zoomed and rotated section, five cars, five spaceships:


? Not Telling Ah Ha No You Guess


As If ;-> Oh Look Go on Last one
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