World War 2 Film Quiz

Alright, let us see how you horrible lot got on then.

? ? ?
The Longest Day
The Guns of Navarone
Raid on Rommel
? ? ?
A Bridge too Far
Cross of Iron
Sink the Bismarck

1: In which film did the characters Oddball, Big Joe, and Crap Game conspire with a German tiger tank crew to steal Nazi gold?

Ans: Kelly's Heroes.

2: Just what is the Big Red One?

Ans: The American 1st Infantry Division.

3: What was the name of the town that the Bridge Too Far was situated in?

Ans: Arnhem.

4: Who played Patton in the movie of the same name?

Ans: George C. Scott.

5: What is Lancaster Bomber 617 Squadron famous for?

Ans: Being the Dambusters.

6: What were the nicknames of Captain Virgil Hiltz, Squadron Leader Roger Bartlett, and Flight Lt. Danny Velinski in The Great Escape?

Ans: Hiltz was The Cooler King, Bartlett was Big X, and Danny was The Tunnel King.

7: If you where Richard Burton or Clint Eastwood how would you get into the mountain fortress the Schloss Adler?

Ans: On top of a cable car.

8: What type of soldier was Vassili Zaitsev in Enemy at the Gates, and in which city is the film set?

Ans: A Sniper in Stalingrad.

9: Who directed the ultimate submarine movie Das Boot?

Ans: Wolfgang Petersen.

10: Tora Tora Tora is a film about which event?

Ans: The Japanese attack on Pearl Harbour.

11: What is the meaning of the de de de dum sound heard at the start of the film The Longest Day?

Ans: In morse code it is the letter V, V for victory.

12: Who led a dozen prisoners on a suicide mission to assassinate German officers?

Ans: Lee Marvin - Major John Reisman.

13: What does the film title Ice Cold in Alex refer to?

Ans: A cold beer in the town of Alexandria Egypt.

14: In Saving Private Ryan where did the Ryan brothers die?

Ans: Two on Omaha beach and one in the Pacific.

15: Which Nazi scientist created clones of Hitler in the film The Boys from Brazil?

Ans: Dr. Josef Mengele.

16: In Heroes of Telemark agents were sent to destroy a German factory. What did the factory make and in which country is Telemark?

Ans: Telemark is in Norway and the factory was making heavy water.

17: In Windtalkers why were the Native American troops so important?

Ans: The Native American troops were used to speak Navahoe as a code for radio comunication.

18: Who links the films The Battle of Britain, The Eagle has landed and A Bridge too far?

Ans: Michael Caine was in all of them.

19: WWhat did Alec Guinness and Jack Hawkins build in the jungle only to see it get blown up?

Ans: The Bridge over the River Kwai.

20: What did the Allies want with U571?

Ans: Its Enigma machine and code books.

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