The Simpsons Quiz

It's time to find out how you did. Is it lines like Bart or a School prize like Liza.

Check out the answers below.

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1: Who created the Simpsons?

Ans: Matt Groening.

2: What is the Simpson's cat called?

Ans: Snowflake I or Snowflake II (the original died).

3: What was Marge Simpson's Maiden Name?

Ans: Bouvier.

4: Name the neighbouring town that Springfield hates?

Ans: Shelbyville.

5: How is Hershel Krustofski better known?

Ans: Krusty the Clown.

6: Who founded the town of Springfield?

Ans: Jebediah Springfield.

7: What is Patti and Selma's pet lizard called?

Ans: JubJub.

8: Who is the Police chief in Springfield?

Ans: Chief Clancy Wiggum.

9: Which two space aliens appear in the show in each Halloween episode?

Ans: Frodos and Kodos.

10: What tragedy caused the Simpson's religious neighbour Ned Flanders to question his faith?

Ans: The death of his wife Maude.

11: Which double act are Homers friends from work?

Ans: Lenny and Karl.

12: Name the Simpson kid's favourite cartoon?

Ans: The Itchy and Scratchy Show.

13: What nationality is Groundskeeper Willie?

Ans: Scottish.

14: Who is the long suffering assistant to Montgomery Burns?

Ans: Waylon Smithers.

15: Which voice artist on the Simpsons appeared in the movies Godzilla and The Mystery Men?

Ans: Hank Azura.

16: What is Homers favourite tipple?

Ans: Duff Beer.

17: Stampy and Pinchy where both at one time Simpson pets but what type of creatures where they?

Ans: Stampy was an Elephant and Pinchy was a Lobster.

18: Who shot Mr Burns?

Ans: Maggie Simpson.

19: The Simpsons started life as a segment of which comedy show?

Ans: The Tracey Ullman Show.

20: The character Rainier Wolfcastle plays is the star of which series of movies in the Simpsons?

Ans: Mcbain.

What was your score:

0 - 9 D'oh. You obviously have the eyesight of Hans Moleman.
10 - 19 Ummmm. Not bad but it's doubtful the Mr Burns will ever remember your name.
20 - 25 Woohoo. You have more brains than Liza and are a real credit to Springfield.

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