Film and TV Stars Links

The Doctor - Tom Baker

'Pinhead' himself - British actor Doug Bradley

James Booth

Gimme Some sugar baby, it's Bruce Campbell

John Carpenter

Who Else but, Jackie Chan

The best James Bond - Sean Connery

Wes Craven

Mark Dacascos

Robert Englund - Are you ready for Freddy

Designer of the Alien - H.R. Giger

B-Movie Action Star - Olivier Gruner

Rutger Hauer

Jet Li

The Real Darth Vader - Dave Prowse

The Official Tom Savini Website

Arnold Schwarzenegger Official Site

It's life Jim, but not as we know it - The William Shatner Site

Official Kevin Smith + Jay & silent Bob Website

60's Batman Star - Adam West

The biggest jaw in Hollywood - Robert Zdar


Clive Barker

Brian Lumley

Stephen King

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