Hi this week we are of off to the Cult TV convention, so look out next week to see how we got on.

In the meantime we have another bunch of reviews and not a very outstanding bunch they are. Starting off we have the silicone chested bimbo fest Barb Wire.

Then we bring the wood in with two of the finest actors never to act. These are Keanu Reeves and his first foray into cyberspace in Johnny Mnemonic. Plus Jean Claude Van Damme who is mixing it up with the robots in Cyborg.

Lastly we have a couple of forgetten turnips from the past in the less than scary Galaxy of Terror, and the Euro kung fu movie (no realy) Enter the Ninja.

Ok so these may have been cult but maybe not so great, next week we will be back on form with a couple of new releases.

Man on Fire, The Pianist, Taxi 3 and Dagon.