Snake Plissken

1996 Escape from L.A. Kurt Russell
1981 Escape from New York Kurt Russell


United States Department of Justice

Criminal Intelligence File

ID: #4388295-842A
Name: S.D. "Snake" Plissken

Lieutenant in the United States Special Forces Unit, Black Flight, Texas Thunder. Awarded two Purple Hearts for Leningrad and Siberia campaigns. He was the youngest man to be decorated by the President.

- Convicted of robbing the federal reserve depository.
Life sentence, New York Maximum Security Penitentiary

Note: Due to his actions in rescuing the President of the United States from the New York Maximum Security Penitentiary, and in dealing with the criminal gang leader (The Duke of New York) a pardon for this and all previous offences was granted.

2013 - Convicted for 27 moral crimes. The murder of an Internal Revenue agent. The kidnapping of a bank president, and gun fighting for profit. At the time of capture number one in the forces most wanted list.
Sentenced to permanent expulsion beyond the borders of the U.S.

Note: Sentence commuted as he volunteered to rescue certain military equipment from the island deportation destination of Los Angeles and deal with the kidnap of the presidents daughter.

Current Status - The subject is currently at large in the United States after having stolen the military equipment recovered in Los Angeles and used it against the United States. He is wanted for all previous crimes plus two counts stealing official secrets and terrorism.

He is extremely dangerous and resourceful, he should be approached with caution.

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