John Rambo

1997 Rambo III Sylvester Stallone
1992 Rambo: First Blood part 2 Sylvester Stallone
1986 First Blood Sylvester Stallone

Name: Rambo. John J.

Date/Place of Birth: 07/06/1947 - Arizona, U.S.A

Recruited, U.S Army: 08/06/1964


Accepted U.S Army. Green Beret Special Forces Unit Under Command Colonel S. Trautmann.

Specialization: Light weapons and Guerilla tactical warfare.

Cross Trained: Medic, Helicopter pilot. Multiple language qualified.

Preferred Weapons: Hibbert Custom Bowie Knife, Hoyt Bow.

Confirmed Kills: 59

Military Decorations:

Congressional Medal of Honour x2
Silver Star x2
Bronze Star x4
Purple Heart x4
Distinguished Service Cross


John Rambo is the only surviving member of the elite Green Beret Specialist Unit "Baker Team". Specialist in use of heavy weapon's, hand to hand combat, and survival techniques. Rambo has displayed his abilities on numerous occasions. Three successful escapes from hostile captivity during combat service. The latter may have been a contibuting factor to the "incident" in Hope County involving the death of County Sheriff Deputy Art Gault and extensive damage to the town. Rambo served half of a hard labour custodial sentence for aformentioned indiscretion.

In 1985 Rambo was re-enlisted to Special Forces for reconnaissance mission in Vietnam under direct command of Marshall Murdoch. Col. S. Trautmann serving as advisor. Due to unforseen circumstances Rambo was forced to work outside of initial mission parameters but accomplished mission successfully.

John Rambo is a hard bitten and highly motivated soldier, seemingly more at home in a combat zone, this individual can be devastating. Prudence advises keeping close eye on this subject. Experienced men of his calibre are seldom found. After exhaustive research, current location of John Rambo is believed to be a Buddhist Monastery in Thailand - Seek assistance of Thailand Liason Walter Griggs: U.S Embassy, Bangkok.

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