2002 Hellraiser VI: Hellseeker Doug Bradley
2001 Boogeymen Doug Bradley
2000 Hellraiser V: Inferno Doug Bradley
1996 Hellraiser IV: Bloodlines Doug Bradley
1992 Hellraiser III: Hell on Earth Doug Bradley
1988 Hellraiser II: Hellbound Doug Bradley
1987 Hellraiser Doug Bradley


Pinhead. The chilling and charismatic high priest of Hell and leader of it's Sadean order of Cenobites, the theologians of the order of gash. This terrifying servant of Hell was created by Clive Barker and first appeared in his short novella the Hellbound Heart which Barker later adapted into Hellraiser.

Captain Elliott Spencer was a British army officer who after witnessing the attrocities of World War 1 at first hand, rebels against his god whom he saw fail in his eyes at Flanders and explores hitherto forbidden pleasures. As Spencer immerses himself further into his explorations of experience, he acquires the fabled LeMarchand puzzle box also known as the Lament Configuration. Opening the box was his final act of exploration and discovery. Spencer found the monster within the box and it found the monster within him. Spencer was educated, mutilated and shaped in Hell to a form more appropriate for his new work and Pinhead was born. Pinhead is bound by laws, Hell has it's commandments too you know and he can only be released when the puzzle box is solved/opened. Only the truly innocent are safe from Pinhead's extreme education in sensory experience as he delivers pleasure and pain all indefeasible and for the bargain price of your soul. Pinhead is master of the metaphysical and his favoured weapon (like he really needs one) are his chains tipped with razor sharp hooks.

He will tear your soul apart!

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