Dr. Henry "Indiana" Jones

2004 Indiana Jones 4: Harrison Ford
1992 The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones (TVS) Sean Patrick Flanery
1989 Indiana Jones & The Last Crusade Harrison Ford
1984 Indiana Jones & The Temple of Doom Harrison Ford
1981 Raiders of The Lost Ark Harrison Ford


Emminent archeologist, renowned professor, intrepid adventurer, expert in the occult and an acquirer of ancient artifacts. Doctor Henry Jones Jr, nicknamed "Indiana", after his pet dog. Was born on July 1, 1899, as the son of Henry and Anna Jones. During his youth, he travelled around the world with his parents and Miss Helen Seymour, his tutor whilst on his father's lecture tours through Europe, Asia and Africa. During these travels, he learned about different countries and cultures, and gained a fondness for adventures abroad.

During a Boy Scout excursion in Utah in 1912, Indy attempted to foil the plans of robbers planning to steal old Spanish-American artifacts, including the Cross of Coronado. During his encounter with the thieves, Indy gained some of his notable characteristics namely his affinity for the bullwhip which resulted in the scar across his chin and his pathological fear of snakes. Later receiving his distinctive brown fedora as a gift from the robber whose plan he tried to foil.

In 1916, Indy decided to follow the adventures of his friend T.E. Lawrence and enlisted in the Belgian Army to fight against Germany. During this period he met his friend Remy Badion, a Belgian national. Indy saw action as a soldier in France and Africa, then worked for intelligence throughout Europe, including Austria, Spain, and Turkey. After the "Great War", Indiana attended college at the University of Chicago, studying history and archaeology with Professor Abner Ravenwood. Although Indy was one of Ravenwood's brightest students, the two later had a bitter conflict when Indy became romantically involved with Ravenwood's daughter, Marion. After graduating from the University of Chicago, Indy studied at the Sorbonne in Paris. Since then he has taught at several colleges, including the University of London, Princeton University and his alma mater, the University of Chicago. Jones is currently teaching history and archaeology at Marshall College, a small school in Connecticut.

Indy's close friends throughout the years and adventures have included his patron and father's good friend Marcus Brody who is curator of an archaeological museum in New York City. Sallah, Indy's Egyptian friend and professional "digger" who has been a great help during Indy's Middle Eastern exploits. Abner Ravenwood was a good friend of Indy's during his college years but the two never resolved their differences over Ravenwood's daughter, and as a result did not speak in the years leading up to Ravenwood's death. One of Indy's greatest adversaries was fellow archeologist and oppurtunist thief Rene Belloq. Indy has also secured the hatred of Adolf Hitler and the Third Reich who have made attempts upon his life on numerous occasions, all unsuccessful.

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