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This Web site is free. Not subscription free, or AOL limited period free, but FREE. We are not out there to make money just share our love of cult movies. This means that we have to keep it cheap. We will not be hosting galleries, or movie clips, but we will post reviews and other features.

Update Notification Service:

If you would like us to email you when we update please email us and let us know. We will then add you to our update list. If we are already informing you of updates and you wish us to stop, again just let us know.

Bookmarking the Page:

Either use the text below the menu buttons or save the following address, this will skip the splash page: http://www.advsys.co.uk/loganandglitz/glitz-main.html.


Spawn of Satan. There will be NO adverts on this site. NO pop ups. NO banners. (If it comes to that we'd rather eat our own HTML).


Like all Web sites we will attempt to post regular updates, and to this end we will post at least two new reviews each week. There may be breaks when we are not available but we will inform you first. (We know every says this, but hey you'll just have to trust us).


The page is optimised for 1024 x 768 or greater. If you are running a smaller screen resolution and cannot see all of the page then click on the Re-size tab just to the left of the title. This will remove the title bar. Please note that even then the site will still not be easy to use at 640 x 480 resolution (Sorry, but is any one still out there using VGA?).


This site is run for fun, and as such we will not have time to quality assure all of our work. We will spell check it, but grammatical errors are inevitable. If there is anything glaring let us know and we will fix it. However we are aiming for quantity not quality (our mistakes show that we are only human).


All pages are tested before release, but missing links are more than likely going to occur. If you find some please let us know. There is no reward, just a smug feeling that you are better than us.


The page was created for and tested on Microsoft IE5. If you are running any thing else, and our page doesn't work, we really could do with knowing (Please, just call it user testing).


Version 3.2 and above, no editor was used (We can't find one that doesn't knacker things up).

Copyright and Legal:

If any thing on this page infringes copyright it is not intentional. If you have a problem let us know and we will remove it.

We do not mean to cause offence with anything on this site. We do not allow swearing or nudity. However please note that many of the films reviewed are of an 18 \ R certificate and therefore the reviews have to deal with this subject matter.

All comments contained in the reviews are the personal views of the reviews, and are not the responsibility of the sites supervisors (Unless we wrote them).


Once submitted to the site's owner all reviews and articles on this site belong to the site's owner, and may not be reproduced or used in any way without his permission.

Most of the graphics used on this site and general site design are the intellectual property of site's owner and may not be reproduced or used in any way without his permission.

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