About Glitz

Real Name: Paul
Speciality: Sci-fi
Occupation: IT Professional
Online Id: Sabalom Glitz a minor Character from Doctor Who

About Films & TV:

After working in a video shop years ago and getting free rentals I been hooked on films. I watch at least three or four films a week, but usually more. I have seen well over 5000 films and own about 700. I have built my own Home cinema setup.

Favourite Film: Alien
Favourite Actors: Jean Reno, Jackie Chan
Favourite Actress: Sigourney Weaver
Favourite Directors: John Carpenter, Luc Besson, Paul Verhoeven
Favourite TV: Blakes 7, Red Dwarf, Doctor Who
Favourite Characters: Professor Quatermass, Avon & Villa (Blakes 7), Snake Plisskin
Favourite Genre: Early British sci-fi

About Me:

Favourite Authors: Douglas Adams, Robert A. Heinlein
Favourite Book: Battlefield Earth by L Ron Hubbard (mad reglious guy)
Favourite Music: All sorts, from 60's through to modern stuff
Hobbies: Movies, Fooball, Writing, Computers
Favourite Team: Oxford Unitied
Favourite Drink: Grolsh Lager
Favourite Games: Fallout series, Thief series, Deux Ex
Tresured Item: My Corgi Liberator in original box
Heros: Douglas Adams, Terry Nation
One Wish: To write a sucessful book or TV series.

Well as the rabbit says "That's all folks", so go and read a review.

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